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If you're experiencing product damage? operator fatigue? excessive maintenance?

Then …..the solution is Hydra Smooth®.



Hydra Smooth®  is designed to reduce hydraulic pressure on forklifts, and in the process, reduce shock and vibration levels. The simplicity of its installation makes Hydra Smooth simple to use, and provides your product with an unmatched smooth, even ride. Hydra Smooth improves forklift handing capabilities and is available for most types of front end loaders. Hydra Smooth turns your hydraulic system into a shock absorbing system!


Read on to see if Hydra Smooth is right for your customer.



Product damage……..rough terrain conditions and load lifting/lowering may result in product damage, affecting the bottom line through lost productivity, delays in delivery, and incomplete shipments. 



Operator fatigue..the impact of shock and vibration adds stress, brings on fatigue, and affects operator efficiency and morale.



Damage to lift truck……..maximum loads, imperfect surface, and maximum speeds may result in worn out load rollers, steering axle and bearings, hoist cylinders, seals and hoses, and chain and anchors.  This means downtime.


SOLUTION……………Hydra Smooth ®

Hydra Smooth®  is great for internal combustion lift trucks – indoors and outdoors. 

Hydra Smooth®












• Lumber yards

• Bottling Distribution

• Glass Manufacturing Facilities

• Rail Car Loading (Box Car Special)

• Fragile or Expensive Load Handling

• High Stacking


Benefits to the operator

• Reduced Stress and Fatigue

• Improved Handling Performance

• Additional Control During Lifting and


• Reduced Steer Axle, Seat, and Fork



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