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Remote Hour Meter Reading System

The Remote Hour Meter Reading device is a low-cost tool for remotely retrieving hour meter readings. Typically, the retrieval and subsequent reporting of hour meter readings has been performed manually. This resource intensive method can lead to an accumulation of non-value added time. Our new offering, the remote hour meter reading device, can provide you with the necessary hardware and software capabilities to become more effective operationally.  Some of the features and advantages that can be realized through the use of this product are. . .


• Digital paging technology provides excellent coverage area

• Simple installation and activation of hardware

• Can be installed on units up to 48 volts

• Low investment and low service fee

• Hour meter readings transmitted nightly

• Supports best practices for scheduled maintenance

• Acquire hour meter readings remotely from the click of a button using a web-based

  software interface

• Software allows for grouping capability so you can view an entire fleet or specific units

  based on your customized settings


• Near real-time utilization reports

• Periodic Maintenance cost more in-line with truck usage

• Improves material handling operations

• Reduce cost of ownership


3" x 5" unit transmits via digital paging network

GPS Antenna

A additional feature that can be used in conjunction with the

Remote Hour Meter Reading Device

In addition to remotely tracking hour meter readings on equipment, you can now utilize a GPS tracking feature with the purchase of the optional GPS antenna now available through the UNISOURCE™ program. This optional GPS antenna will allow you to determine the last known location of your unit prior to going inside a building, or up-to-date location information if your unit is outside.


Some of the features and advantages available with the GPS antenna option include…

• Low cost, very reliable

• Simple hook up to existing hour meter reading device

• Coverage in approximately 93% of the U. S. population

• On-demand monitoring via the web-based software used for monitoring hour meter

  reading devices

• Unit retains the last GPS position before entering a building for 30 days

• Set up a Geo-Fence and receive notifications when your equipment travels into or out of

  the fenced area

• Aids in the retrieval of lost or stolen equipment

• No Police report required to find unit

Contact your local dealer today to learn more about the Remote Hour Meter Reading Solution and how your business can benefit from using this product.






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